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Lightweight Emergency Stretcher

Lightweight Emergency Stretcher

Dedicated lightweight Casevac stretcher system.


Price: £29.99 inc vat

Product Description

Dedicated lightweight Casevac stretcher system.

The Light Weight Emergency Stretcher are designed for EMA and disaster response. Equipped with 8 separate handholds for ease of patient movement and ability to be used as a rigid stretcher with poles during any emergency situation.

Can be used in the following ways:

As a small foldaway stretcher than can be neatly stowed in daysack.

As an Emergency Stretcher for everyday use· As a Emergency Stretcher for Mass Causality and Disaster Preparedness·

As a Backboard cover and Strapping Support System·

As a Patient Transfer System to move the patient from the backboard to the hospital gurney·

As a Gurney Sheet·

As a Search and Rescue Gurney·

As a Patient Transfer System to move the patient from the bed to a chair and back·

As a Seated Patient Evacuation SystemProduct Specifications

Will hold over 500lb load capacity·

Features (10) large hand holds which allow for easy patient handling and ease of product use·

Lowest cost Emergency Stretcher available today·

Water resistant coated woven polyethylene provides strength and durability·

Stretcher size with handles is 35”x71”· Individually packaged and labelled.

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